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Tongue is a Fire
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In Press

'Stars' poem

‘Stars’ first appeared in Last Leaves Magazine, Issue 3 | Fall 2021

Last Leaves magazine

'Dark Mind' prose

BlazeVOX [Books]


‘Dark Mind’ featured in the Spring issue of BlazeVOX22.

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Issue 3 to be published this Fall

Rooted in the Unconscious
The Disposal of Wake Elmsjar
The Return of Wake Elmsjar
Tell me again
A Clerical Error To Confuse

‘The Asylum’ first appeared in The Journal of Undiscovered Poets Magazine, Issue 3 | Fall 2022

'The Asylum' poem

Cover Art Dancer.jpg

'Unhinged' poem

‘Unhinged’ first appeared in State Of Matter Magazine, Issue 7 | 2022

Issue 7 to be published soon



Author: L. Sydney Abel

L. Sydney Abel is an author of psychological fiction and poetry. He was born and raised in Kingston upon Hull, England.  His novel 12:07 The Sleeping is based on personal experience of sleep paralysis and his forthcoming book The Soul Spook continues this theme. He has also written and illustrated several children’s books and a Y/A novel Timothy Other: The boy who climbed Marzipan Mountain, the first in a series of three.


Poetry is his personal escape in his book of emotive words Tongue is a Fire and the upcoming THE ASYLUM.


​​Author & Illustrator of children's fiction


Animated L. Sydney Abel

Author of Psychological Fiction



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