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L. Sydney Abel

Author & Poet

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Tongue is a Fire
One ASYLUM.jpg

In Press

'Stars' poem

‘Stars’ first appeared in Last Leaves Magazine, Issue 3 | Fall 2021

'Dark Mind' prose

BlazeVOX [Books]


‘Dark Mind’ first appeared in BlazeVOX22 Spring 2022

'Unhinged' poem

‘Unhinged’ first appeared in State Of Matter Magazine, Issue 7

December 2022

'Press Men', 'Wisdom', 'Some Say', 'No Hidden Meaning' and 'Idiotic'


Poems first appeared in EgoPHobia e-magazine #74 December 2022

'Just a Man' & 'Nothing (Them)'


Poems first appeared in cc&d Magazine

February 2023

'Crown of Thorns', 'Touching You', 'Aspect Immediate', 'Rip us Apart' and 'Come Together'


Poems first appeared in Lothlorien Poetry Journal February 2023

'The Asylum' poem

‘The Asylum’ first appeared in The Journal of Undiscovered Poets Magazine, Issue 4

Winter 2023


Author: L. Sydney Abel

L. Sydney Abel is an author of psychological fiction and poetry. He was born and raised in Kingston upon Hull, England.  His novel 12:07 The Sleeping is based on personal experience of sleep paralysis and his forthcoming book The Soul Spook continues this theme. He has also written and illustrated several children’s books and a Y/A novel Timothy Other: The boy who climbed Marzipan Mountain, the first in a series of three.


Poetry is his personal escape in his book of emotive words Tongue is a Fire and the upcoming One ASYLUM.

In The Press

​​Author & Illustrator of children's fiction


Animated L. Sydney Abel

Author of Psychological Fiction

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