'Tongue is a Fire' are words of love, anger, and frustration: sometimes spitting vengeance in questioning, sometimes remorseful. All in all, it’s a voice that spouts its view. Be it wrong or right, it is said and done. No excuses.


When I’m Dr. Jekyll

        I’m not Mr. Hyde

And when I’m Mr. Hyde

        I’m not Dr. Jekyll

Which me is being fickle?

The confusion of decision is for the mood to decide

Do me the kindness Hyde

        and plan suicide

I'll be right by your side

Tongue is a Fire


The tongue cannot be tamed

It is an uncontainable evil

            full of noxious poison

Holler to the depths of hell

            when your tongue is a fire

Quench your verbal abuse

             drink the water given

             beneath the sun’s rays

Look for sunlight on cold water

Speak loving words or be dumb

             control that tongue

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Lovers rust together



Calling - concerning the heart - was granted

            it chanted

            angel wanted

To me you’re the whole thing

            you’re queen

            I’m king


Consent - concerning the soul - gave interweave

            never leave

            heavenly receive

To me you’re the whole thing

            you’re queen

            I’m king


Turtle & Duple




If ever a man should be judged

            then let it be on his love for the children of this world

            for they are the future

Our bodies are gone but our love remains

            eternally whispering amidst the trees

Not partial to being cemented in influences by others.